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How to Import PowerPoint Slides into Horizon Wimba

A "Quickee Tutorial" by Lloyd Rieber
(last updated July 1, 2009)

STEP 1: Create a PowerPoint file. Do not use sounds, animations, or special effects because these will be stripped out of the PPT file. Basically, Horizon Wimba converts each slide to a separate GIF file.

STEP 2: Go to the Horizon Wimba Classroom where you wish to upload the PPT file. Be sure you have "presenter access". If you do, you will see the blue Presenter Console in the right-hand side of your Horizon Wimba screen:

If you don't see the Presenter Console, contact Lloyd Rieber to ask him to give you presenter status (and indicate which room you want the access for).

STEP 3 (Opt.): The Presenter Console detaches easily from the main screen by clicking the "Detach" button. (Notice that you can re-attach it by clicking on the "Attach" button.)

STEP 4: Click on the import PowerPoint button in the presenter console.

STEP 5: Choose the PowerPoint file you wish to import by clicking on the "Browse..." button (you want to display it in the "eBoard"):

It may take a few minutes to upload the PPT file -- be patient!

If successful, you will the message that the file was uploaded in the window:

STEP 6: After the file has been uploaded, you have to choose it from the file list, then press the button:

STEP 7: Click on the respective slide name to go to that slide. You can also use the whiteboard tools on the left hand side of the Horizon Wimba screen after your slide has been selected.