EDIT 6170 Activity: Designing a Course-Level Instructional Curriculum Map

Note: This only seems to work well with Internet Explorer on a Windows computer.

Here is an interactive example of a course-level instructional curriculum map (ICM). Drag the instructional objectives on the right to the correct location on the instructional curriclum map on the left. The most general objectives should be on the top. (When you design these maps, you go from general down to specific. When you implement the course, you go from specific up to general.) There is also one affective domain objective -- it should go on top along side the most general course objective.

When done, press the "Submit" button to check your work.

SWBAT generate an instructional design project by conducting all appropriate procedures for macro- and micro-instructional design.

SWBAT choose to follow instructional design procedures.
SWBAT generate an appropriate evaluation of the independent course project by identifying and following all formative and summative evaluation procedures.
SWBAT generate a lesson design by constructing a media analysis worksheet that meets the objectives of a single lesson.
SWBAT generate course-level and unit-level instructional curriculum maps by writing the terminal objective/s and enabling objectives for the course and unit/s in a visual form.
SWBAT generate instructional goals by conducting a needs analysis of learner, task, and situational characteristics.
Course ICM: Instructional Design