Learned Capability Verbs - Use 'em!

Problem-solving Generate
Rule-using/Principle Demonstrate
Concepts Classify, identify
Verbal Information State, list, recite, summarize
Attitude Choose
Psychomotor Execute


Lloyd's advice on writing objectives

"A-B-C, and maybe D, but definitely include the cap-a-bil-a-tee." (Sing it loud and clear!)

SWBAT (audience), Learned Capability Verb, Behavior, Condition, …
… add Degree if it makes sense, and if you have the basis for determining this.

Simple examples of instructional objectives from all learning domains

Given a list of 20 chemical symbols, SWBAT list the chemical's name by writing it next to the symbol within 15 minutes with 100% accuracy. (verbal information)

Given five cards and five buttons of different colors, SWBAT discriminate the colors by putting a colored button on the same colored card without asking for help. (discrimination)

Given pictures of 12 geometric figures, SWBAT identify by circling all the polygons within 15 minutes with 90% accuracy. (concrete concept)

Given three video scenes showing a teacher using grouping strategies, SWBAT classify by labeling the scene that demonstrates the principles of cooperative learning without referring to notes within 30 seconds after viewing the scene. (defined concept)

Given two numbers greater than 100, SWBAT demonstrate by multiplying the two numbers together correctly with 5 minutes with 90% accuracy. (rule/principle)

SWBAT generate by constructing lesson plans that appropriately use and integrate computer tools to teach about subject matter of their choice using the technology available at his/her school. (problem-solving)

SWBAT originate by brainstorming an effective strategy for dealing with a child exhibiting a behavior problem at home using whatever resources (people and literature) are available. (cognitive strategy)

SWBAT choose to design a personal dietary plan that meets the fundamental requirements of good nutrition based on the "food pyramid" based on a median income for a family of four. (attitude)