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Normal curve demonstration

Directions on how to upload PPT to HorizonLive

Lloyd says ...


Audio - "I want the truth?"

Click here for a lesson about constructivism

Click here for the animation about "walking through the forest" of constructivism and instructivism.

Click here for a flash animation of how to measure a really large triangle.

Branding 6

Branding 1: Developing Instructional Materials

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Learner Analysis Breakout Room Discussion

Branding: Writing Objectives | withGraphic

HorizonLive Demo

How stuff works: 4-Stroke Engine

Fun with physics

Numbers All Around - golf, shoot the monkey, air track, other

Kepler's second law of planetary motion

What is a print?

Marshmellow directions

IDA 5 examples (formative evaluation): Searching for books on, Classifying paint, HS Band - Bush Job Ratings

Learner Analysis

Course ICM example: Instructional Design | Interactive example

Course ICM example: Dreamweaver

Unit ICM example: Dreamweaver

IDA 4 example (lesson design): Dreamweaver - HTML, Word doc

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Flash workshop page

School House Rock

Muppet Music

Project Shop movie

Liyan breakout room activity | Branding

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